A Letter From our Founder
iClubs Founder and President of Athletic Business Media, Peter Brown.

iClubs.com is the leading destination for independent health club owners and operators looking for great ideas and the stories of the people who produce and implement those ideas.

Big-box clubs are ruled by corporate management and franchisees have their templates to follow. It’s the independent club owners who survive on the proven ideas and strategies forged by fellow owners facing the same challenges you do each day.

The iClubs concept was founded by successful industry veterans and a few newcomers who were bonded by a passion for health clubs and the constant desire for innovation. At iClubs, we believe success is the experience of meeting the changing needs of your members, maintaining a top-notch facility and making that facility an asset to the community.

We welcome you to join us and participate. Sign up for a free iClubs account today to begin commenting, networking and receiving exclusive periodic email updates. (No spam, we promise.) We also encourage you to attend our annual conference and trade show. Strengthen your network with us and remember, innovation starts with independence.


Peter Brown
iClubs Founder, President of Athletic Business Media, Inc.

Founding Members

Barry Klein - Co-Owner, Elevations Health Club - iClubs Contributor

"Experts often ask if independent health clubs can survive given increased competition from chains and nationally recognized brands. Nobody ever seems to ask if the chains are going to survive, even though plenty of them come and go. Independent clubs have succeeded and, with the help of iClubs, will continue to succeed even as the world around us changes."

Kevin McHugh - Chief Operating Officer, The Atlantic Club

About iClubs.com
“iClubs is an opportunity for club owners and their senior management to be exposed to new concepts that can positively impact their businesses.”

About the iClubs Conference
“At the iClubs Conference, the agenda is education-rich and is outside the boundaries of traditional fitness and business disciplines.

iClubs will challenge the status quo and open new areas of possibilities which can easily and quickly be incorporated into your business.

Lastly, iClubs provides each participant outstanding benefits with its upcoming agenda; speakers that are world renowned business gurus who will discuss concepts that will allow the participants to venture from their comfort zone as well as network with industry leaders involved in this two day, proactive workshop environment.”

Art Curtis - Founder, Curtis Club Advisors - Former IHRSA President

The independent club owner today is facing competition from all sides. They have to find their strengths among the giant health clubs and also fight off the discount chains as well. iClubs is here to help them do that."



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