• Avoid These Six Health Club Design Mistakes

    by June 2015

    When it comes to great architecture and design at fitness facilities, we defer to former Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart's standard for obscenity — we know it when we see it.

  • Bruce Carter: How to Best Design Functional and Group Training Spaces

    by Bruce Carter June 2015

    Almost every club should have areas for functional and group training. Often in many clubs, because of the increase in demand, these areas produce the highest revenue per square foot for a club. However, there are some steps that should be taken to insure that a club has the best possible design for these programs, whether it is an existing or new club.

  • How to Create a Welcoming Environment

    by Joy Brand November 2014

    Make sure patrons are not turned off by your facility before they even enter it.

  • Choosing the Right Color Floors For Your Facility

    by John Safarik October 2014

    Are "blondes" less fun? Yes. But you have to admit, they've had a good 100 year run.  

    The simple blonde floors that were supplied to gyms and arenas over the last century, are, well, last century. Iconic sports floors now have enormous graphics, stunning designs and bold colors incorporated into the (previously) blonde wood floor. This “outside the blonde” thinking is a way for colleges and professional teams to build their branding, enhance their image, and command attention. 

  • 11 Ways to Tell If You Are a Dinosaur On the Brink of Extinction

    by Thomas Plummer September 2014

    The dinosaurs never saw it coming. There was no planning, no stocking of food, no gathering of the team to plan their survival. There was just the often asked dinosaur question, "Hey, has anyone seen Bill, he was just here a minute ago?”

  • Efficient Locker Room Design Maximizes Use of Small Spaces

    by Emily Atwood September 2014

    From high-tech lock technology to plush lounge areas, whirlpools, Internet access and private showers and dressing areas, it's easy to sink a significant amount of money into creating the ultimate locker room.

  • Lessons in Club Design Learned After Years of Renovation

    by July 2014

    They really need to make paint color samples bigger.

  • During Construction It’s Decision Time, Again and Again

    by Ralph Agostinelli June 2014

    The design is complete, the shovels are in the ground. How are you planning to spend the next 12 to 18 months, while your new building takes shape?

  • Adding Warmth, Sound-Dampening to an Aquatic Center

    by June 2014

    MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects has been introducing wood to indoor aquatic environments for 20 years — starting with decks, then moving to wall cladding and ultimately ceilings.

  • 3 Things to Consider Before Making an Investment

    by March 2014

    I was talking with a few members of a local gym at one of my son's hockey practices the other morning. They were complaining that the pool at their club was "different." You see, several years ago this club changed its system from traditional chlorine to salt water chlorination -- at a pretty hefty price. The members loved the system and enjoyed getting out of the pool without smelling like they had just been dunked in bleach. But, it seems that the tide of opinion has changed recently.